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Terms and Conditions


The advertiser agrees to pay all invoices upon receipt


Accounts are payable upon receipt of invoice. Non-payment of accounts will result in future advertising being cancelled. One and one half percent per month will be charged on overdue accounts. The advertiser is responsible for all collection fees on non-payment.

Publisher Supplied Material

All design, artwork or typesetting supplied by the Publisher is for exclusive use of Spectrum. Any other use not authorized in writing is an infringement of copyright and subject to compensation. Prices for secondary usage are subject to quotation.

Advertiser Supplied Material

The Advertiser grants the Publisher the right to destroy all advertising material if not demanded within one year after last use. The Publisher assumes that pictures and printed material, logos, etc. supplied are free of copyright encumbrance and that any actions subsequently taken by third parties will be the total responsibility of the Advertiser. In the event that the Advertiser fails to supply advertising materials by the copy deadline, the Advertiser grants the Publisher the right to publish materials from previously run advertisement and/or, where no such material is available, to publish a public service advertisement chosen by the Publisher and further, the Advertiser agrees to pay the space charges in such an event.

Space Charges and Space Closing Dates

Advertising space charges and space closing date are published in a rate card which is understood to form a part of this contract.

Production Charges

Production charges for colour separations, photography and logo design will be borne by the Advertiser. In the case of black and white advertising, camera ready art will be accepted as final film. Camera ready refers to finished art supplied exactly to publication size requirements which can be rendered into final film with a single exposure. If a photo or photos are involved, sized and cropped prints must be supplied along with positioned windows on the final art.


Proofs are issued for all display advertisement by the Publisher, except community service advertisements unless requested. It is the advertiser’s responsibility to check the proof for errors of fact, spelling and punctuation, and to notify the Publisher of any changes on or before the date indicated on the proof. The Advertiser must sign the proof and return it in person or by fax to the Publisher. No proofs are issued for theme-page advertising.

Publishing Errors

The Publisher limits liability for errors on Publisher set advertisements, including address and phone number, to advertisements for which no proofs have been sent to the Advertiser. The Publisher is only responsible for errors in Advertisements up to the amount of the space charge. The Publisher will not be responsible for colour reproduction of advertisements unless a colour key is supplied to the Publisher.

In extreme cases, where print quality renders the effect of the advertisement completely useless or negative, a make-good may be given. A make-good is an additional insertion to the number already contracted for by the Advertiser which appears in an issue chosen by the publisher. Where a make-good is given, the Advertiser agrees to pay for the defective advertisement when invoiced and on normal payment terms.

Late Advertisements and Changes to Advertisements

Any changes to advertisements must be received in writing. The Publisher will only be responsible for changes received in writing or authorized by a change order on or before the space closing date for the issue in question.

The minimum charge per change after the proof deadline is $15.00. The minimum charge per four colour change after the proof deadline is $125.00

Editorial Policy

Editorial content is completely independent of advertising and no special consideration or commitment of any kind can form any part of this contract.

Publisher’s Approval

The subject matter, form size, wording, illustration and typography of all advertisements shall be subject to the approval of the Publisher in its sole discretion. The Publisher reserves the right to refuse to publish an advertisement which is not approved by it. No representative of the Publisher has the authority to guarantee publication of an advertisement.

Cancellation of Advertisements

Cancellation of advertisements must be delivered in writing to the Publisher’s premises no later than the space closing date for the issue in question. Cancellations by the Advertiser are subject to back-rating, if the contract’s intended frequency is unfulfilled within its specified term.

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